Sunday, May 18, 2008

Japanese Maple

Japanese maple out back. This tree is so beautiful.


Zipidee said...

Many months ago you sent me a link to this along with an 'E'dress change. I overlooked the Blog link but found it just now while cleaning out the Emails in my 'In' folder.
I've thought of planting a Maple tree like that one for some time. We have two beauties in the hood. Instead I'm using my limited space to try a couple of Gancy Greybeards.
I notice it's been awhile since you last posted. I too have a blog. Members of the family that also blog use it to share pics & comments. I use mine sometimes to rant about political issues or to brag about the younguns.
Hope you blog more often. I'll check every now and then to see.
Missin you on the site too ;~)

MKBartley Blog said...

Missed this one too...LOL! Glad I'm back to blogging a bit more and checking in on the Chill Facebook and Twitter! Hope all this internet stuff will keep me connected to folks.

We planted a couple of Grancy Greybeards but they haven't done too well yet. Mother ran over one with the lawnmower and then our yard guy ran over the other one...both tried to make a come back but with the drought, not sure they will come back this year...we shall see.

If we do end up having a Big Chill this year are you going to be there? I'd love to meet your wife and catch up with you. I hope someone sets a date soon so I can plan my travel before or after and take the time off to attend.

Keep in touch.