Sunday, May 18, 2008

Japanese Maple

Japanese maple out back. This tree is so beautiful.

Flowers from the back bed

Aren't these pretty. I love the markings on the inside.

El Feo the cat

Our pretty boy with the ironic name!

His name means ugly in Spanish. When we first got him, he was sort of ugly but that's because he had some sort of infection and his face was swollen. Once the medicine kicked in and he got well, it was cute but his name stuck anyway.

He has the look of a Russian blue without all the expense!

Sweet William

Sweet William in front side garden.

Clematis on back fense

Double bloom clematis climbing the back fense.
Two kitty flower pots with herbs on the back deck.

Front Side Garden - Roses

Beautiful, aren't they. This is the garden on the front side and these roses smell as wonderful as they are beautiful.

Living Room update

I love having a place to post my pics.

We have painted the walls a wonderfully warm orangie color that changes with the amount of sunlight coming in. During the day it's lighter like in this picture, then as the sun goes down, it becomes darker and warmer. We both just love it.

Mother got a new couch too.

Amarillis with Garden Angel

Ok, I think I'm getting the hange of this. I'm going to post another picture.
This is one of my favorites. The amarillis blooms early and is so beautiful.

Photo of garden

Whoo Hoo! Got it. The first one is up and running. Ok, now to add a photo. Well see if this works.
This is looking from the drive toward our neighbor's house and is Tiki's garden. Mother planted it after Tiki died a number of years ago.

First Blog

Ok, at first I thought this would be easy but I'm finding it more challenging that I thought. I'm trying to post a blog but for some reason, they keep disappearing! Ok. I'm trying it once more. Here goes.